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Analysis of Biologically Important Compounds

Analysis of Biologically Important Compounds Proteins of tooth pulp separated by 2D electrophoresis (excision) and stained with silver.

Main topics:

  • developing of new separation methods (capillary electromigration techniques), for example:
    • affinity electromigration methods
    • application of gold nanoparticles in capillary electromigration methods
    • forensic application (including coupling CE-MS)
  • analysis of connective tissues - proteomic and physiological analysis of biological samples   when many new proteins were identified, for example:
    • proteom of human teeth in connection to decoy
    • insoluble proteins from the avian eggshell, especially cuticle
    • analysis of posttraslational modifications of proteins
    • determination of arising compounds in glycation reaction as well as sites of modifications
    • identification of age-related changes in proteins – oxidation and deamidation of proteins
  • analysis of a broad spectrum of biologically important compounds in cooperation with many departments of our Institute, various Czech Institutes as well as international cooperation (e.g. proteins, steroids, pigments)
  • proteomic facility of Institute of Physiology CAS





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