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Experimental Hypertension

Experimental Hypertension

Department of Experimental Hypertension is studying the mechanisms of blood pressure (BP) regulation and end-organ damage in rats with different types of experimental hypertension. Our research is focused mainly on:


  • Elucidation of the mechanisms by which endothelin and renin-angiotensin systems participate in renal damage in transgenic rats with inserted mouse renin gene (Ren-2 TGR) – cooperation with IKEM (Prague).
  • Comparison of the role of calcium sensitization (Rho kinase pathway) and calcium influx in the development of high BP in rats with genetic or salt hypertension – molecular biological analysis of alterations in these regulatory pathways.
  • Study of the central mechanisms of blood pressure regulation in rats with genetic hypertension: focus on brain renin-angiotensin system, central corticoid effects, baroreflex control of sympathetic tone and oxidative stress.
  • Investigation of cardiovascular effects of new analogs of neuropeptides regulating food intake in rats – cooperation with IOCHB CAS (Prague).




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Institute of Physiology AS CR, v.v.i.
Department of Experimental Hypertension

Vídeňská 1083
14220 Prague 4
tel. +420 241 062 592
fax. +420 241 062 488


  RNDr. Ivana Vaněčková, DSc.
head of the department
  MUDr. Josef Zicha, DrSc.
deputy head of the department
  RNDr. Jaroslav Kuneš, DrSc.
senior researcher
  RNDr. Milada Dobiášová, DrSc.
senior researcher
  MUDr. Hana Rauchová, CSc.
senior researcher
  RNDr. Michaela Kadlecová, Ph.D.
junior researcher
  Mgr. Michal Behuliak, Ph.D.
junior researcher
  Mgr. Silvie Hojná, Ph.D.
junior researcher
  RNDr. Lenka Řezáčová, Ph.D.
  Mgr. Michal Bencze
PhD student
  Mgr. Anna Vavřínová
PhD student
  Mgr. Barbora Mikulášková
PhD student
  Alena Charvátová
  Zdeňka Kopecká