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We study the physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology of cholinergic neurons at molecular level. In our study we mainly employ cell lines but we also use animal models. Our research is focused mainly on these topics:


  • Biochemical physiology and pharmacology of cholinergic neurons. Development and differentiation of cholinergic neurons. Synthesis, storage, and release of acetylcholine. Presynaptic regulation of acetylcholine release.
  • Cholinergic mechanisms in pathogenesis of Alzheimer´s disease. Influence of beta-amyloid on acetylcholine metabolism and muscarinic transmission.
  • Molecular pharmacology of muscarinic receptors. Allosteric modulation of receptor activation. Interaction of muscarinic receptors with G-proteins. Modeling of muscarinic receptor signal transduction.



Book: Muscarinic Receptor: From Structure to Animal Models

Dr. Jan Jakubik Institute of Physiology Academy of Sciences and professor. Jaromir Mysliveček Institute of Physiology 1st Faculty of Medicine were approached to write the current list of methods that are used in research of muscarinic receptor as part of a Neuromethods series published by Springer. More


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Institute of Physiology AS CR, v.v.i.
Department of Neurochemistry

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  Mgr. Jan Jakubík, Ph.D.
head of the department
  MUDr. Vladimír Doležal, DrSc.
deputy head of the department
  RNDr. Vladimír Rudajev Ph.D.
senior researcher
  MUDr. et Mgr. Helena Janíčková, Ph.D.
postdoc (intern at UWO, Canada)
  Mgr. Eva Machová, Ph.D.
postdoc (maternity leave)
  Mgr. Alena Randáková, Ph.D.
postdoc (intern at FAU, Germany)
  Mgr. Eva Dolejší, Ph.D.
postdoc (maternity leave)
  Romana Ondřejová
  Dana Ungerová