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Graduate / Postdoc position

Job description:

  • providing support to users of confocal microscopes during acquisition, processing and analysis of image data
  • development of new methods for image processing, image analysis and stereology
  • performing measurements of image data using image analysis and stereological methods


Qualification expected:

  • graduate/postdoc (preferably with technical, IT or mathematical background) eager to work with microscopes and to contribute to biomedical applications
  • IT skills including SW development, e.g. in MATLAB, C++, IMageJ + JAVA or Python
  • knowledge of image analysis and microscopy, especially advanced optical microscopic techniques (confocal and multiphoton microscopy, FLIM, OPT, SPIM) is desirable but not obligatory (appropriate training will be provided)
  • ability to work independently and learn permanently
  • responsibility
  • flexibility and strong communication skills for effective collaboration with research teams and users
  • fluency in written and spoken English
  • Interest in beautiful microscopic images is very much welcome as well as openness to interdisciplinary cooperation and new scientific approaches.


Contract type:

  • full time, 1-year contract with possibility of prolongation, starting in January 2017 (or later)



  • involvement in Czech-BioImaging allowing competitive salary, participation in relevant short-term courses and congresses
  • possibility to be directly involved in scientific research (also in the framework of PhD studies)
  • friendly and creative environment



Department of Biomathematics, Institute of Physiology, The Czech Academy of Sciences, Víeňká1083, Prague 4, Czech Republic


If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your CV and covering letter, explaining your motivation and suitability for this position, to