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The Institute of Physiology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic opens a position in the Department of Epithelial Physiology in the group of Jiri Pacha Ph.D. for a




The postdoctoral position is available for 3 years with a possible extension as a junior scientist.

The main research area of the department includes physiology and pathophysiology of the intestine and cellular and molecular mechanisms of corticosteroid regulations. Currently is our experimental work concentrated on the role of extra-adrenal production and local metabolism of glucocorticoids in the intestine during stress and inflammation. The goal is to understand the modulatory role of local biogenesis and metabolism of glucocorticoids in GI physiology and pathophysiology in order to improve the therapeutic approaches using corticosteroid drugs. More information about the department profile is available at:

Annotation of the research project:

The project will be focused on uncovering the relationship between stress-associated inflammatory disease and gut microbiota composition. The experiments will be conducted on conventional (CV) vs. germ-free (GF) Balb/c mice using animal models of colitis and immobilization stress and on cell lines. To study the molecular mechanisms, the intestinal explants as well as different cellular subpopulations such as enterocytes and  intraepithelial and lamina propria lymphocytes isolated from mice will be treated with different TLR ligands and the panel of enzymes involved in steroidogenesis and steroid metabolism will be studied. To study the effect of bacterial TLR ligands/microbiome in more detail, the selected cell lines will be treated with blood serum from CV and GF mice or pure TRL ligands and the role of steroidogenic enzymes in the TLR signaling pathway will be studied using in vitro experiments. The selected genes will be cloned in expression plasmids and transiently cotransfected in a cell line. In addition, the endogenous expression of these genes will be blocked using gene siRNA knock-down.

We look therefore for a highly motivated postdoc research associate with a PhD degree in physiology or cell biology and with experience in molecular and cell biology (mammalian cell cultures of primary cells and cell lines) and in research using animal models.

We offer a competitive monthly salary of 40 000 CZK (approx. 1 500 EUR) with a possible raise based on the candidate's skills and involvement in grant projects. For further information please contact Jiri Pacha ( To apply, please, send letter of interest, structured CV, list of publications, photocopies of documents proving the attained level of education, and recommendation letters of two independent academic referees to the following address: .  Applications need to be received by July 20th 2018. Institute of Physiology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Videnska 1083, 142 20 - Prague 4, Czech Republic.

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