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PŘEDNÁŠKA "Personalized brain modeling: translating mathematical models to clinical routine"

Viktor K. Jirsa
Director, Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes, INSERM, Marseille

"Personalized brain modeling: translating mathematical models to clinical routine"

Over the past decade we have demonstrated that the fusion of subject-specific structural information of the human brain with mathematical dynamic models allows building biologically realistic brain network models, which have a predictive value, beyond the explanatory power of each approach independently. This approach has been successfully applied to the modeling of the resting state dynamics of individual human brains, as well as clinical situations including stroke and epilepsy research. Here I will illustrate the workflow along the example of epilepsy, starting from personalized connectivity matrices of human epileptic patients reconstructed using Diffusion Tensor weighted Imaging (DTI). The results provide guidance in the presurgical evaluation of epileptogenicity based on electrographic signatures in intracerebral electroencephalograms and have been validated in small-scale clinical trials.


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