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PŘEDNÁŠKA "Somatic mutagenesis of mitochondrial DNA: Mechanisms and implications for epilepsy"

Prof.Wolfram Kunz is leading expert in mitochondrial pathology. He focuses mainly on alterations of mitochondria in epilepsy. During his talk he will address following issues:

1.       The mutagenic effects of ROS on mtDNA: Point mutations (G>T and C>A) versus deletions

2.       Direct effects of H2O2 on mtDNA integrity: Degradation versus repair

3.       Degradation of mtDNA after induction of double strand breaks by mitochondrially targeted restriction enzymes

4.       Implications for the formation of mtDNA deletions

5.       Mitochondrial DNA deletions in temporal lobe epilepsy with Ammons horn sclerosis

6.       Linear mtDNA as potential signal for inflammation


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