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LECTURE "Calcium Influx and/or Calcium Sensitization in Hypertension: What Can We Learn from Blood Pressure Recording?"

Blood pressure (BP) is a result of a highly complex regulation which can be partially revealed if BP is recorded under appropriate conditions. Chronic BP elevation (hypertension) is caused by increased systemic resistance which has its functional (vasoconstriction) and structural (vascular remodeling) components. However, hypertension is also associated with the attenuation of arterial baroreflex, leading thus to the augmentation of observed BP changes.

Vascular smooth muscle contraction is a function of myosin light chain (MLC) phosphorylation which can be enhanced by Ca influx (MLC kinase activation) and/or Ca sensitization (MCL phosphatase inhibition). It is rather difficult to estimate the contribution of both components to BP maintenance because BP response to Ca influx blockade is dependent on the actual Ca sensitization and vice versa.

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