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Developmental Epileptology

PhD Project1:

Department of developmental epileptology

Department of developmental epileptology is engaged in experimental research on long-term conequences of brain injury or antiepileptic drug exposure at early stages of postnatal development and mechanisms associated with development of neuropsychiatric disorders (epilepsy, epileptic comorbidities, cognitive and behavioral impairment) and abnormal postnatal development. 

Research topics:  

In the brain, synapses and receptors within most regions are overproduced and eliminated by as much as 50% during two phases of life: in the early postnatal period and during adolescence. This process results in critical developmental windows in which any inadequate insult or intervention may be able to influence both positively and adversely postnatal growth and development.

The project will focus on long-term impact of early pharmacological intervention in GABAergic on brain development. Specifically we want to study mechanisms responsible for  functional changes observed after early exposure to GABAergic drugs.

Techniques used: stereotactic surgery, electrophysiology, microdialysis and behavioral testing –all in both adult and immature animals; histology, microscopy (stereology/3D Neurolucida reconstructions), biochemistry 

Candidate’s profile (requirements):

  • Have to hold a Master or Diploma degree in neurosciences, biology, pharmacy or medicine.
  • Should be highly motivated with a strong interest in research with a focus on neuroscience and development.
  • Should have a very good command of English and strong organizational skills.
  • Previous experience in research activities and experience in the

Supervisor:  Hana Kubova, PharmD, DSc 

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