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Advancement Report - 2022



10.30-10.45        Rohit Ashok Joshi: Nedd4-2 binding to 14-3-3 modulates the accessibility of its catalytic site and WW domains

10.45-11.00        Antonín Sedlář:  Study of growth and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells for the use in cardiovascular tissue engineering

11.00-11.15        Andrea Beňová: Effect of obesity and metabolic complication on molecular characteristics of bone marrow skeletal stem cells in relation to bone and adipose tissue metabolism

11.15-11.30        Marine Morvan: Chiral separations for aging proteomics

11.30-11.45        Milica Drapšin: Circadian clocks in brain and their sensitivity to chronodisruption and neuroinflammarion

11.45-12.00        Kateryna Semenovykh: Developmental and circadian regulations of neuronal functions


12.00-13.00        lunch


13.00-13.15        Vera Abramova:  Effects of pregananolone glutamate and its metabolites on zebrafish behavior

13.15- 13.30       Anna Gunia: Brain mechanisms of visuospatial perspective-taking

13.30-13.45        Daniela Kunčická: Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of Prenatal Maternal Manipulations

13.45-14.00        Sofia Moraresku: Allocentric and egocentric spatial coding in the human brain

14.00-14.15        Tomar Rimjhim: Statistical models of information processing in neuronal systems


14.15-14.30        break


14.30-14.45        Monica Pontearso: Modulation of nociceptive signalling on a spinal cord level under normal and pathological conditions

14.45-15.00        Jakub Slepička: Neuropathic pain – modulation of synaptic transmission in the spinal cord