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Role of UCP1-independent non-shivering thermogenesis in cold- and obesity-resistance

Regulation of energy expenditure is important for maintanace of stable body temperature and body weight, thus representing potential target for prevention and treatment of obesity and associated disorders. Classical thermogenic mechanisms involve muscle shivering  and UCP1-dependent non-shivering thermogenesis in brown fat. This project is focused on less understood mechanisms of non-shivering thermogenesis, which are independent of UCP1.

The project aims on:

1. characterization of the relationship between propensity to obesity in various murine strains (C57BL/6J a A/J) and non-shivering thermogenesis (especially in muscle) induced by cold or high fat feeding;

2. identification of mechanisms responsible for muscle non-shivering thermogenesis and its regulation.


Main publication output: Flachs et al. 2017 Int J ObesOeckl et al. 2022 Mol MetabJanovska et al. 2023 Mol Metab,  


Supported by the Czech Science Foundation, project no. 18-04483S (2018-2020, PI: Petra Janovska, PhD) and no. 22-07004S (2022-2024, PI: Jan Kopecky, MD, DSc, IPHYS).