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New pulblication (IF=6.3): Population-representative study reveals cardiovascular and metabolic disease biomarkers associated with misaligned sleep schedules. Sleep (2023)

Martin Sládek, Jan Klusáček, Dana Hamplová and Alena Sumová. Sleep 2023 Feb 24, 10.1093/sleep/zsad037. Social jetlag, or chronic misalignment between biological and social time, is the most common disturbance of circadian rhythms in modern society.

It remains unclear, however, whether social jetlag has any negative health effects. By investigating a unique population-representative dataset, including 1957 blood samples analyzed for nine biomarkers, we report significant associations between sleep phase preference, social jetlag and cardio-metabolic biomarkers. We identify novel factors affecting social jetlag and demonstrate that flexible working schedule efficiently alleviates social jetlag.