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Isolation and culture of stem cells of the adipose tissue

Isolation and culture of stem cells of the adipose tissue

Tkáňově inženýrské konstrukty bývají obvykle osazovány diferencovanými buňkami, což však přináší určité nevýhody.

Differentiated cells grow slower and have a limited viability in cell culture conditions. Isolation of differentiated cells from the patient does not eliminate the problem with other additive operations and damage of the other tissues of the patient. For example, for obtaining endothelial or the smooth muscle cells for reconstruction of blood vessels must remove part of subcutaneous veins from the patient. Stem cells from the patient's body can be obtained still more simply, e.g. blood sampling (endothelial progenitor cells), puncture bone marrow of the bone tissue under the skin, e.g. from the hip bone, liposuction of fat tissue. Therefore, in collaboration with Hospital Motol we try to differentiate adipose stem cells into vascular or bone cells for the colonization of our constructs.


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