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Confocal microscope Leica SPE

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The laser scanning microscope with direct construction. Direct fluorescent microscope Leica DM 2500 CSQ V-VIS


Basic specifications

The lenses:

  • ACS APO 10x/0.30 CS, -/C, 3.0,
  • ACS APO 40x/1.15 OIL CS, 0.17/E, 0.27,
  • ACS APO 63x/1.30 OIL CS, 0.17/E, 0.16
  • (after agreement it´s possible to use also the lenses used on the microscope Leica SP2)

Spectral detector with tunable emission range 430nm-750nm, motorized beam splitters 405/532, 488/635, 30/70 ND, transmission light detector, AOTF

Four solid state lasers with excitation (power): 405nm (25mW), 488nm (15 mW), 532nm (15mW), 635nm (15mW)

Objective and condensor prisms for DIC suitable for basic objectives set.


  • LAS AF SPE Core
  • LAS AF SPE Life Data Mode
  • LAS AF SPE Co-Localisation
  • LAS AF SPE Deconvolution
  • LAS AF SPE 3D Visualisation