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Study programme and benefits

PhD study programme typically lasting three to four years requires the students to be enrolled in postgraduate study at any university in the country. Providing their academic supervisor (or co-supervisor) is an employee of the Institute of Physiology, and they carry out a significant part of their research at the Institute itself, the following curriculum is to be adhered to (in addition to general rules set by a relevant Subject Board).

Open Day for those interested in pursuing PhD study (annually); current students are expected to help running the event

Opening course in physiological methods for 1st year students

Advancement Report - by 3rd year students presenting their results, while demonstrating these are indeed in line with the previously set main goals of the thesis

• The Bureš lectures series - delivered by internationally acclaimed scientists, including the option to meet them in an informal setting

PhD students´conference held at the Třešť Castle in the countryside (2-3 days, bi-annually), giving them a chance to present their work to their peers, and get to know each other

• English language course (optional)

Internal doctoral PhD thesis examination as a prerequisite of its formal submission (“supplication“) to the relevant Subject Board

• A first author minireview in Physiological Research, in Physiological Research journal (Young Investigators’ Review Articles section (Review Articles of Young Investigators in Physiological Research). PhD thesis demonstrating candidate’s ability to conceive, design and carry out research, and present it in a lucid and scholarly manner

Salaries are provided according to the financial means of the scientific laboratory of which the Ph.D. student is a member. Ph.D. students in full-time studies can be employed up to half-time through institutional funds. Students can make use of all the benefits arising from employment at the Institute of Physiology which are in accordance with the law.

The student benefits include:

  • Participation in events for Ph.D. students organized and subsidized by the Institute

  • Ability to participate in Institute competitions and special events for the Institute´s Ph.D. students who are associated with the evaluation (diploma, financial prize)

  • The possibility of obtaining incentive bonuses for the successful fulfillment of Ph.D. student obligations

  • The possibility of using the technical and methodological background of the Institute

  • The possibility of involvement in all of the Institute´s projects

 •  English language courses