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Centre of mitochondrial biology and pathology - MITOCENTRE (2014-2018)

Project aims

The general, long term aim of the proposed project is to identify and characterise new components and mechanism of mammalian mitochondria with respect to their biological role and possible causal involvement in human diseases. Mitochondria, the powerhouses of mammalian cells, accommodate numerous key metabolic pathways. Their dysfunction is associated with a variety of human diseases, ranging from oxidative phosphorylation disorders to common complex diseases. Mitochondrial proteome is uniquely programmed by small mitochondrial DNA and ~1500 nuclear genes, but the function and properties of almost half of mitoproteins are unknown. The MITOCENTRE will attempt to identify new components and functions of mammalian mitochondria and characterize their pathophysiological roles. Proposed studies will be specifically focused on the obtaining new knowledge that is essential for further elucidation of the following tasks: 

•    New disease causing genes
•    Nuclear-mitochondrial crosstalk
•    New components and mechanisms of mitochondrial biogenesis
•    Mitochondrial adaptive responses and cellular signalling
•    Nutrition and mitochondria


Participating institutions


•    Institute of Physiology, Czech Academy of Sciences - Josef Houštěk, Jan Kopecký, Michal Pravenec
•    1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University - Stanislav Kmoch, Pavel Martásek
•    General University Hospital - Jiří Zeman


More information about the project

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