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Regulation of intestinal transport

The functions of the gastrointestinal tract are controlled by a variety of regulatory networks including hormone, neural and immune signaling. These regulatory networks are essential for complex coordination of events that integrate barrier functions, digestion and transport with alterations in motility and the flow of blood and lymph in response to the daily fasting-feeding cycle and to the other physiological and pathophysiological conditions. The aim of this project is to analyze the changes of intestinal transport functions under normal and pathological conditions.

Intestinal transport functions undergo changes that reflect anticipation of the rhythmic fasting-feeding cycle or non-rhythmic changes associated with irreversible changes associated with postnatal development or reversible changes associated with control of body homeostasis. However, temporal variations in the expression of specific transporters are not conclusively linked to their functional changes.


The scope of this project is to study:

(1) the mechanism of diurnal regulation of intestinal transporters of electrolytes and nonelectrolytes and the role of intestinal circadian clock and diurnal regulations of plasma corticosteroid hormones in these processes

(2) regulation of intestinal transporters in neoplastic and inflammatory tissue

(3) neuroimmunomodulation of intestinal transport


Effect of amiloride on short circuit current (SCC) in rat colon during the light and dark period. The animals were kept at 12:12 light dark schedule and fed low salt diet. SCCs were measured at two time points corresponding to CT4 (4 h after the previous lights on) and CT16 (4 h after the previous lights off). P < 0.01.
Isolated colonic crypt of rat.
Effect of prosecretory mediators carbachol and serotonin on electrogenic secretion in mouse colon.


Recent  publications

Hock M, Soták M, Kment M, Pácha J. The early effect of dextran sodium sulfate administration on carbachol-induced short-circuit current in distal and proximal colon during colitis development. Physiol Res 60:921-31, 2011

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