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The new findings make life with bipolar disorder easier

The scientists from the Department Neurohumoral Regulationsd found that patients with bipolar depression have more disturbed circadian system in the stage of mania than depression.

Department of Neurohumoral Regulations long-term studies the function of the circadian system in mammals and the importance of its proper function to human health. The results showed disruption of the circadian system in patients suffering from certain neuropsychiatric diseases, both entirely conventional (e.g. ADHD) are very rare (e.g. Smith-Magenis syndrome) in an earlier studies of the team.

In a recent study published in the journal Bipolar Disorders scientists of the team led by Dr. Sumová in cooperation with the Psychiatric Clinic of the University Hospital Olomouc (prof. Praško) studied the state of the circadian system in patients with bipolar disorder. These patients suffer from alternating states of mood, especially depression and mania, which threatens their ability fulfilling life. In this study, it was first examined whether the condition circadian system in these patients varies depending on the phase of mania and depression.

Team results showed that patients with bipolar disorder have in the mania stage significantly impaired control formation of the hormone melatonin by the pineal gland, and accordingly the timing of switching of genes that are essential for the functioning of the circadian clock. At the stage of depression, these changes were not present. Both these indicators showing time change of functional state of the system, depending on whether the patient is in a state of depression or mania. Results can contribute to design support chronotherapy of the disease based on the corrective function of time in patients with bipolar mania stage.


Nováková M., Praško J., Látalová K., Sládek M., Sumová A.: The circadian system of patients with bipolar disorder differs in episodes of mania and depression. Bipolar Disorders, 17: 303-3014, 2015