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Research program activities Institution Investigator
Disorders of the nervous system during development and aging Institute of Physiology prof. MUDr. Jiruška Přemysl Ph.D.
Study of radiobiological aspects of Leksell Gamma Knife radiosurgery on biomedical model Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics prof. MVDr. Motlík Jan DrSc.
Chronic inflammation and cellular energetics - the common determinants of the  serious diseases development Institute of Physiology RNDr. Mráček Tomáš Ph.D.
Genetic factors analysis leading to the development of tumors Institute of Molecular Genetics MUDr. Macůrek Libor  
Changes in DNA damage response during normal aging and Huntingtin disease progression Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics RNDr. Drutovič Dávid Ph.D.
Center of epigenetics Institute of Biophysics doc. RNDr. Bártova Eva Ph.D.
Regenerative medicine Institute of Experimental Medicine doc. RNDr. Jendelová Pavla Ph.D.
Age, gender and chronotype as key factors underlying disease causes and their progression Institute of Physiology Mgr. Sládek Martin  
State of the art bioengineering tools for biomedical research Institute of Biotechnology  doc. RNDr. Pěknicová Jana CSc.

Incidental products from food production as a source of collagen: waste or prospective material for medicine?
Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics Ing. Suchý Tomáš Ph.D.
Ethical, legal and social impacts of diseases Institute of Sociology doc. PhDr. Hamplová Dana Ph.D.
Influence the newborn with the environment Institute of Experimental Medicine Ing. Topinka Jan CSc.
Organ culture center Institute of Molecular Genetics RNDr. Kořínek Vladimír CSc.