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Our new paper: CRH-induced excitability in pituitary corticotrophs

Corticotorpin releasing hormone (CRH), a key regulator of HPA axis, is secreted by hypothalamic paraventricular neurons into the hypophysial portal system and stimulates ACTH secretion in pituitary corticotorphs. The data show that resting membrane potential in corticotrophs depends on background voltage-insensitive sodium conductance, and that CRH has biphasic actions: a depolarizing effect driven by a cationic conductance at basal concentrations in pituitary portal circulation and an inhibitory effect at higher stress CRH concentrations

Zemkova H, Tomić M, Kucka M, Aguilera G, Stojilkovic SS: Spontaneous and CRH-induced excitability and calcium signaling in mice corticotrophs involves sodium, calcium, and cation-conducting channels.