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Advancement Report - 2018

January 22, 2018;  3p.m.

Kateřina Adamcová (odd.17) Induction of lipid metabolism in white tissue during cold exposure.

Martina Trávníčková (odd.11) Adipose tissue derived stem cells-characteristics and differentiation.

Anežka Kahancová (odd.75) Knockdown of ATPase inhibitory factor (IF1) upregulates GSIS in INS1E cells.


February 5, 2018;  3p.m.

Dana Kalábová (odd.12) Human procaspase-2 phosphorylation at S139 and S164 is required for 14-3-3 binding.

Katarína Pšenáková (odd.12) Role of protein-protein interactions in the regulation of  human protein kinase ASK1. 

Jan Svoboda (odd.33) Blood Brain Barriere impairment in cerebral ischemia


February 19, 2018;  3p.m.

Nikhil Ahuja (odd.32) Processing spatial information relative to a moving object in a “predator-avoidance risk” in rats

Dominika Radostová (odd.32) Levels of neurotransmitters in animal model of OCD checking behavior

Pavla Hubálková (odd.31) The influence of calcium ions on neurosteroid inhibition of NMDA receptors

Marian Rupert (odd.26) Structural basis of pore dilation of proapoptotic P2X7 receptor


March 5, 2018;  3p.m.

Barbora Eliášová (odd.35) Pin1, CRMP2 and CDK5 in Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis

Milorad Ivetič (odd.26) Expression and function of P2X receptors in endocrine hypothalamus of the rat

Julia Pajorová (odd.11) Interaction of skin and stem cells with modified nanofibrous membranes.