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F.A.Q.- Ph.D.

You can find the answers to frequently asked questions about the possibility of postgraduate studies at Institute of Physiology CAS in this section.

What should I do if I want to become a Ph.D. student at the Institute of Physiology?

First of all, you must find a suitable tutor. Information about vacancies for graduate students is posted on the website of the Institute. In addition, it is possible to contact the laboratory dealing with the required issue and ask for the study options directly from a supervisor. If you agree with the supervisor on a project that is going to be undertaken during your Ph.D. studies, the next step is to file a Ph.D. study application and hand it in to the appropriate doctoral board (more here).

What are the rights and obligations of graduate students at the Institute of Physiology?

Requirements for the successful completion of postgraduate studies are established by the appropriate doctoral board.

Most students at the Institute of Physiology belong to the project "Doctoral studies in biomedicine". Selected institutes of the Academy of Sciences and Faculty of Science as well as the medical faculties of Charles University cooperate in this.

The job description for each thesis is chosen based on an agreement between the student and the tutor. The Departmental Board periodically evaluates the progress of work.

Seminars and training sessions are organized primarily for graduate students. It is also expected that they will actively participate in organizing the Institute´s Open Day, etc.

What is the financial evaluation?

Full-time students are paid monthly by doctoral scholarship (in the 1st year it is approximately 6300 CZK). Students are also usually employees of the Institute and receive a salary.

What are the options for accommodation?

Graduate students in full-time studies are eligible for dormitory accommodations at the respective universities. Ph.D. students have a preferential right for accommodations at Charles University. Moreover, the employees of the Academy of Sciences regularly offer the free capacity of Hlávka´s dormitory (20 places for the entire AS CR), which is partly funded by the Hlávka Foundation.

The Academy of Sciences also offers its employees starting flats. They are designed for young, low-income employees of institutions who have a good academic record, do not own a flat in Prague, and do not have their own private business. The number of foreign applicants must not exceed 10%.