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Doc. RNDr. Petr Lánský, DrSc.

Petr Lánský was a senior researcher at the Institute of Physiology and the founder of the field of computational neuroscience in the Czech Republic. During his professional career, Associate Professor Lánský focused mainly on the mathematical description and statistical analysis of nerve cell activity. He was a world-renowned authority on the diffusion approximation method, which enables the study of the intricate behaviour of neural biophysical models. He published many papers in prestigious journals, was a principal investigator of Czech and international grants and also a guest speaker at numerous scientific symposia. He has developed and maintained a rich collaboration with a number of international experts and in 1995 established the tradition of international conferences titled "Neural Coding". Last but not least, he was a supervisor of graduate students and postdocs. He not only infused his role as a supervisor with his professional authority, but also with his friendly attitude and insight.


                                          1949 - 2021