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European research consortium LipiDiDiet finds long-lasting and broadly benefiting effects of nutritional intervention in early Alzheimer’s (18.11. 2020)

LipiDiDiet is the longest randomized clinical trial in prodromal Alzheimer’s disease (AD) with a positive outcome conducted so far. Prodromal AD patients are on the ultimate stage before progressing to dementia. These patients, and their close partners, already realize that the mind deteriorates and memory, especially short-term memory, slowly but progressively fades. Despite intensive research, there is still no cure or disease modifying treatment available for prodromal AD. However, this early Alzheimer’s disease stage is considered to represent the best option for intervention.

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MediAim – New Therapeutic and Drug Development Strategies (23.6. 2020)

To understand the essence of diseases of affluence and improve their treatment. Such is the goal of the MediAim consortium, which brings together three centers of excellence in science, research, and clinical practice. The Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) and two institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences – the Institute of the Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (IOCB) and the Institute of Physiology (IPHYS) – have joined forces to seek out new strategies for treating cardiovascular, viral, neurodegenerative, and oncologic diseases as well as diabetes and obesity.  More information:

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90´ ČT24 (24.6.2020) topic: Treatment of a civilization diseases

Beetroot provide substantial protection from salt-induced increases in blood pressure (17.4. 2019)

Adding tiny amounts of beetroot or dietary nitrate to salty food products might help prevent high blood pressure, according to a preliminary study of rats.

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Institute of Physiology of the CAS received HR Excellence in Research Award (15.3. 2019)

Institute of Physiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences has joined an exclusive group of workplaces that have been awarded the prestigious European HR Excellence in Research Award.

The European Commission awards those research and university workplaces that are committed to improving the strategy in human resources in accordance with the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

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Correctly administered aid for epileptic seizure is easy and may save lives (7.2. 2019)

About 80,000 patients in the Czech Republic currently suffer from active epilepsy. This means that they have had at least one epileptic seizure over the past five years. About 5,000 new patients are diagnosed per year. Correctly administered first aid that can save a patient's life is the theme of the International Epilepsy Day, commemorated on Monday, February 11.

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Scientists and engineers join the Motol Hospital to treat epilepsy in a newly established EPIREC research center (9.1. 2019)

A unique platform connecting epilepsy research with clinical practice has been in operation since January in the Motol University Hospital. Scientists from the Second Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and the Institute of Physiology CAS work here in multidisciplinary teams. Experts from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering also contribute to gaining innovative knowledge that will improve both quality and effectiveness of patient care.

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Epileptic seizures do not come as a bolt from the blue (27.11. 2018)

An international team, led by Czech scientists, has shown that one of the elementary natural principles is also involved in the emergence of epileptic seizures. The discovery of the existence of the so-called critical deceleration principle in the epileptic brain presumes that the seizure is preceded by a gradual loss of stability and resistance of the brain, and little by little, the brain becomes much more susceptible to seizures.

Scientists from the Institute of Physiology CAS in collaboration with colleagues from the Institute of Computer Science CAS, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Czech Technical University, the Second Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and other colleagues from foreign universities in Melbourne, Oxford and Birmingham have shown, both in experimental models of epilepsy and in patients, that seizures may be preceded by detectable changes in brain activity.

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The scientific evidence indicates that installing ‘wintertime’ is the best option for public health (30.10. 2018)

Chronobiology studies the influence of day-night rhythms and seasonal changes in living organisms (and received the Nobel Prize 2017 for these discoveries).  As experts in biological clocks and sleep, we have been following the initiative of the European Commission to abandon the annual clock-time changes in spring and autumn in the EU.  We would like to emphasize that the scientific evidence presently available indicates that installing permanent Standard Time (ST, or ‘wintertime’) is the best option for public health.

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Ústav organické chemie a biochemie a Fyziologický ústav podepsaly licenční smlouvu s Novo Nordisk (4.9. 2017)

Ústav organické chemie a biochemie AV ČR (ÚOCHB) ve spolupráci s Fyziologickým ústavem AV ČR (FGÚ) vyvinul nové látky, které mají pozitivní účinky v experimentálních zvířecích modelech obezity či diabetu typu II. Tyto látky byly vyvinuty v laboratoři Dr. Lenky Maletínské (ÚOCHB), která se se svým týmem zaměřila na syntézu a zkoumání modifikovaných analogů přirozených neuropeptidů. Ústavy podepsaly licenční smlouvu s významnou farmaceutickou firmou Novo Nordisk, která tyto látky bude nadále vyvíjet a připravovat nejprve pro preklinické testy na zvířecích modelech, po nichž v případě úspěšnosti budou následovat testy klinické.

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Institute of Physiology is launching a new confocal microscope (9.6. 2015)

Institute of Physiology CAS is launching a confocal microscope Leica SP8 AOBS WLL MP who was purchased with the support of the European Regional Development Fund within the project OPPK "BrainView - Centre for the study of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases" (CZ.2.16/3.1.00/21544).

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