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Lecture "BEoimaging facilities or not BEoimaging facilities: which one is more helpful to you?!

The IPHYS Bioimaging Facility is strongly linked with the Laboratory of Biomathematics and focuses on image acquisition, processing and analysis over several decades. Currently, the facility is a member of the Czech-BioImaging infrastructure and the Prague node under the Euro-BioImaging infrastructure. The facility provides a large number of light microscopes starting with the standard transmission techniques such as phase contrast or DIC and ending with a non-linear label-free techniques of pSHG or CARS. In addition to the image acquisition, we support the users in planning the experiment or in analyzing and concluding on their data. Finally, the facility also organizes several events a year to promote light microscopy, educate the users and facilitate networking in the academia. The lecture will target the users, students and researchers who are interested in light microscopy and want to critically evaluate their design of experiment.


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