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PŘEDNÁŠKA "Genetic mechanisms of epilepsies and autism"

In his talk, Prof. Komarek will present how modern molecular genetic approaches help to discover the causes and mechanisms of epilepsies and autism spectrum disorders. Molecular genetics has transformed modern epileptology, child neurology and psychiatry. The identification of the causal mechanisms of multiple neuropsychiatric disorders has opened prospect for successful treatment of severe disorders in which traditional therapeutic approaches failed and which were considered intractable. In his lecture, Prof. Komarek will demonstrate how molecular genetics paves the way of future medicine towards the personalized treatment of brain disorders.

Prof. Vladimir Komarek is a Dean of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. He is a former Head of the Department of Pediatric Neurology at the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and Motol University Hospital. His major scientific interests focus on the mechanisms of epilepsies and neuropsychiatric disorders in childhood. He is internationally recognized epileptologists. His achievements substantially advanced the various field of epileptology and neuroscience ranging from the epilepsy genetics, understanding the dynamical principles of epilepsy and the role of the human brain connectome in cognition and brain disorders. He is a founder of the Center for epilepsy, a world-leading center for epilepsy and epilepsy surgery in adults and children. Prof. Komarek has established a modern epileptology in the Czech Republic and trained generations of epileptologists and neurologists. He actively participates in the teaching of medical students and students of the arts. His lectures are very popular, and he regularly wins The Best Teacher Award by medical students.


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