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BioCEV-Krč Methodological Seminar

17th BIOCEV-Krč Methodological Seminar

10. 6. 2024, start: 14:00

venue: Lecture hall of the Institute of Physiology CAS, Vídeňská 1083


Topic: Radioisotopic Methods


The Radioisotopic methodological seminar will include presentations by members of the Isotope Laboratory of Institute of Experimental Botany located on the Krč campus, primarily to present their research focus in the lab.



Synthesis of Isotopically Labelled Compounds – Introduction

Mgr. Jaroslav Nisler, Ph.D. et Ph.D.

Principles of chemical synthesis of labelled compounds, potential radioisotopes and stabile isotopes. Characterization and analysis of chemical and radiochemical purity, activity, concentration, solvent system.


Radioisotope Tracing and Imaging Methods

Mgr. Sándor Forczek, Ph.D.

Usage of labelled compounds in biological experiments. Analysis of uptake, distribution and degradation of compounds. Qualitative and quantitative analysis by scintillation, speciation analysis by thin layer chromatography, HPLC with radiodetector, HPLC by mass detector, IRMS. Autoradiography of whole body and (cryo)sections in animals and plants.


MTU - development and biological activity of commercial biostimulant in the EU from IEB

Mgr. Jaroslav Nisler, Ph.D. et Ph.D.

In the Institute of Experimental Botany, a new compound called MTU was developed. MTU  has very strong anti-senescence activity in plants and acts most probably by a unique mechanism which is associated with Photosystem I. MTU was successfully commercialized to a British company and this year is sold in 14 EU countries to improve grain yield, stress tolerance and nitrogen use efficiency.


Study of cytokinin homeostasis by labelled phytohormones

Bc. Ing. Klára Hoyerová, PhD.

The diversity of cytokinin (CK) metabolites suggests their interconversions are the predominant regulatory mechanism of CK action. The first large-scale study of short-term CK metabolism kinetics will be presented in Arabidopsis thaliana plants, showing that tZ N7- and N9-glucosides are metabolized in vivo, with special regard to the usage of custom tritium labelled CK.

Duration approx. 90 min.


Contact person: Jaroslav Nisler,

IPHYS contact person: Jan Jakubík,