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Ictogenicity of focal cortical dysplasia at single-cell and network level and possible therapeutic interventions

PhD project: Ictogenicity of focal cortical dysplasia at single-cell and network level and possible therapeutic interventions

Focal cortical dysplasia (FCD) is a local malformation of the cerebral cortex that is highly ictogenic and often causes catastrophic drug-refractory epilepsy that appears in early childhood. The way how different neurons within FCD produce seizures and how the seizures spread behind the FCD borders remains elusive. We have recently adopted a plausible model introducing real FCD-associated human mutation in mice and rats. The PhD project aims to characterize the role of specific cell types in the altered FCD cytoarchitecture, the projections that enable seizure spreading and testing interventions that could interrupt specific steps of seizure generating process. To achieve these goals, FCD models will be prepared using in utero electroporation in several mouse strains with identified specific inhibitory interneurons and principal cells. State-of-the-art In vitro and in vivo electrophysiological methods will be combined with the latest and sophisticated in vivo techniques of optical imaging, optogenetics and chemogenetics.

Candidate’s profile (requirements):

We are seeking outstanding candidates that are eager to play a significant role in a real bench-to-bedside translational research and become a member of an agile multidisciplinary team composed of neuroscientists, physicists, neurologists etc. Candidate must have, or be finishing a master's degree or equivalent in molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, medicine or related fields. Fluent English. Earlier experience with surgical, electrophysiological and microscopy techniques is beneficial, but not a requirement. Candidate should be familiar with working with literature.

Relevant publications:

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Supervisor:        Prof. Premysl Jiruska, M.D., Ph.D.