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Studying bone and fat metabolism in mice with different susceptibility to obesity

Laboratory name: Molecular Physiology of Bone

Project Supervisor: Michaela Tencerova, Ph.D. ( 

PhD project:Studying bone and fat metabolism in mice with different susceptibility to obesity 
Obesity-associated diseases, including bone fractures are not manifested in all obese subjects. They are classified as metabolically healthy obese and may represent a model for better understanding the link between obesity and metabolic bone diseases. However, the molecular mechanism behind this phenomenon is not well documented. The aim of this proposal using two mouse strains with different propensity to obesity, B6 and A/J mice, is to investigate whether different response to obesogenic condition activates different metabolic pathways important for stem cell differentiation and nutrient utilization in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells(BM-MSCs) in relation to bone and adipose metabolism. The project will employ murine and human cellular systems and in vivo models applying several molecular, bioanalytical and in vivo phenotyping techniques. Project will be conducted at the Institute of Physiology CAS in collaboration with excellent laboratories abroad. The basic PhD scholarship will be supported by Czech Science Foundation. 

Candidate’s profile (requirements): 
We are seeking highly motivated, creative candidates with MSc degree or equivalent in molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, medicine, pharmacology or related disciplines, or students expecting to obtain their degree this year. Experience with molecular biology techniques and in vitro cell culture methods are advantage. 


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