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25.7. 2017

President of the CAS visited Institute of Physiology

V úterý 27. června předsedkyně Akademie věd ČR, profesorka Eva Zažímalová, spolu s místopředsedou Akademie pro oblast věd o živé přírodě a chemických věd, doktorem Zdeňkem Havlasem, navštívili…

13.6. 2017

IPHYS stand at the Science Fair 2017

Institute of Physiology CAS participated in the Science Fair in PVA Leňany.              

19.5. 2017

The Centre for Preclinical Testing (CPT) commenced activities

After obtaining the certificate of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in January 2017, the Centre for Preclinical Testing (CPT) commenced activities with the support of the Czech Academy of Science (CAS)…

25.4. 2017

What can we do about lifestyle diseases? A meeting of experts from IKEM and the Institute of Physiology CAS

A meeting of leading Czech physicians and scientists was held on 20 April 2017 at the Institute of Physiology CAS focused on advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases,…

Events calendar

11.9 2017 15:00

LECTURE - RNDr. Hana Sychrová, DrSc.

Department of Membrane Transport. IPHYS lecture hall

18.9 2017 15:00

LECTURE - MUDr. Jiří Paleček, CSc.

Deparment of Functional Morphology. IPHYS lecture hall.

25.9 2017 15:00

LECTURE - doc. PharmDr. Martin Štěrba, Ph.D.

Farmaceutická fakulta UK, Hradec Králové. IPHYS lecture hall.

2.10 2017 15:00

Bureš lecture "Towards the mysteries of sleep: Forward genetic analysis of sleep behavior in mice"

Speaker: Masashi Yanagisawa, M.D., Ph.D., International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine (WPI-IIIS), University of Tsukuba, Japan. Lecture hall.

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Institute of Physiology of the CAS (IPHYS) is the Czech leading research institution in the field of normal and pathological physiology.


The academic and educational endeavours of its experts aim to enhance the fundamental knowledge on metabolism and heart and brain function, thus paving the way to novel diagnostic and therapeutic procedures required to tackle serious medical conditions in humans.


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