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Czech-BioImaging (2016-2019)



Czech-BioImaging - National Infrastructure for Biological and Medical Imaging 

Information about the project


Financial Support

The activities of the Imaging Facilities are supported from the program for large research infrastructures of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports within the project “National Infrastructure for Biological and Medical Imaging (Czech-BioImaging – LM2015062)“.



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Fees Czbi

2018 Fees for using bioimaging equipment included in  Czech-BioImaging project – Institute of Physiology CAS (IPHYS) More

Equipment CzBi

Leica SP8 AOBS WLL MP confocal Leica SP2 AOBS Leica SPE confocal Optical projection tomography SPIM – Selective Plane Illumination Microscope CellVizio Optic fibre confocal microscopy Carv II… More

Grant schema

Czech-BioImaging call for research projects Request for financial support to perform projects within the Czech-BioImaging open access and more information are available HERE  More

Contact CzBi

Scientific manager - Czech-BioImaging IPHYS: RNDr. Lucie Kubínová, CSc. Tel: +420 24106 2314, email: Project manager – Czech-BioImaging IPHYS: Ing. Jitka Čočková Tel… More