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12th BIOCEV-Krč Methodological Seminar

12th BioCEV-Krč Methodological Seminar

May 9, 2022, 3 PM – 4 PM

Location: Lecture hall of Institute of Physiology CAS, Vídeňská 1083

Topic: Bioinformatics


Michal Kolář (IMG):                                     Introduction

Jan Kubovčiak (IMG):                                  Bioinformatics support at IMG

Martin Modrák (IMIC):                                  Support available from the bioinformatics core facility at IMIC

Vendula Novosadova (CCP/IMG):               Biostatistics and bioinformatics support at CPP

Tatyana Kobets  (IPHYS):                              Integration of genes, proteins and metabolites in one analysis

Karel Harant (BIOCEV/CU):                          Biocev proteomics core facility: Basic bioinformatics services for bottom-up proteomics

Jiří Černý (BIOCEV/IBT) :                             Structural bioinformatics and molecular modeling


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IPHYS contact person: Jan Jakubík, jan.jakubí