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9th BioCEV-Krč Methodological Seminar

9th BioCEV-Krč Methodological Seminar

3rd February, 2020, 15 PM – 16 PM

Place: Hasek auditorium, Institute of Molecular Genetics CAS (F building), Videnska 1083

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Radislav SedláčekIntroduction to the large national research infrastructure Czech Centre for Phenogenomics
Petr KašpárekMouse and rat models generation and supportive services
Jan ProcházkaStandardized, comprehensive, preclinical, and custom-tailored phenotyping 
Jan Rozman: Phenotyping of preclinical mouse models for metabolic disorders


About the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics:

The Czech Centre for Phenogenomics (CCP) is a large research infrastructure hosted at the Institute of Molecular Genetics CAS. The CCP is unique in combining genetic engineering capabilities in mice and rats, comprehensive phenotyping including advanced imaging methods and metabolomics, SPF animal housing and husbandry, and cryopreservation and archiving, all in one central location at the BIOCEV campus. The concentration of specialized infrastructure and expertise provides a unique and valuable resource for the biomedical and biotechnology research community.

The phenotyping module comprises a state-of-the-art collection of tools for the physiological and morphological assessment of experimental mice and rats in a controlled SPF environment.

The transgenic and archiving module is mainly focused on generation of mutant rodent models using cutting edge technologies such as zygote electroporation and microinjection of DNA and CRISPR/Cas targeting tools. Other services include microinjection of targeted ES cell lines to produce chimeric mice; mouse archiving; recovery of live mice from cryopreserved embryos and sperm, and also analysis of sperm viability.

CCP became fully operational in autumn 2016, and has since developed into one of the largest centers of its kind in Europe. Based on production numbers, requests and user feedback, CCP is a highly valued and productive member of INFRAFRONTIER and the IMPC.

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