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Further info on Ultracentrifuges, Rotors, and Tubes

Beckman Ultracentrifuges Product Catalog

Pravidla používání ultracentrifugy Beckman XL-100K a příslušných rotorů (příloha Kolegia ředitele 29. 6. 2009)

Rotors for all FgU ultracentifuges – FGU inventory

Rotors for floor-type Beckman Optima ultracentrifuges:

35 (retired), 45 Ti, 50.3 Ti, 70 Ti, 70.1 Ti, 90 Ti, NVT 90, SW 28, SW 41 Ti

detailed info from Beckman product catalog


Rotors for benchtop Beckman Optima MAX ultracentrifuge:

MLA-80, MLA-130, TLA-100, TLA-110, MLN-80

detailed info from Beckman product catalog


Rotors for Sorwall RC M100 ultracentrifuge:

RP100AT3, RP100AT4, RP100VT


Rotor and Tubes for Beckman Preparative Ultracentrifuges User's Manual

Using k-Factor to Compare Rotor Efficiency              

Nomogram for speed calculation (rpm, g, and rotor radius)

Beckman Coulter “Rotor Calculations” calculate and convert rpm, g, k-factor

Example of Rotor Calculations at Beckman Coulter for rotor 70-1Ti: