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Laboratory of Genetics of Model Diseases

Laboratory of Genetics of Model Diseases

Metabolic syndrome is defined as the co-occurrence of several risk factors for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease: mainly obesity, insulin resistance, high triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels, and hypertension. These risk factors are determined by many genes with small effects and their interactions with environmental factors. Genome-wide association studies have so far revealed only a small fraction of the heritability of complex pathophysiological traits in humans. Thus, analyses of animal models of human complex diseases may represent a useful alternative. The department's research is focused on the following projects:

  • Uncovering genes regulating hemodynamic and metabolic traits in the SHR strain.
  • Analysis of the mechanisms underlying the development of salt sensitive hypertension.



Šilhavý; Jan - Mlejnek; Petr - Šimáková; Miroslava - Liška; František - Malínská; H. - Marková; I. - Hüttl; M. - Miklánková; D. - Mušálková; D. - Stránecký; V. - Kmoch; S. - Sticová; E. - Vrbacký; Marek - Mráček; Tomáš - Pravenec; Michal . Spontaneous nonsense mutation in the tuftelin 1 gene is associated with abnormal hair appearance and amelioration of glucose and lipid metabolism in the rat . Physiological Genomics. 2024; 56(1); 65-73 . IF = 4.6 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Šilhavý; Jan - Mlejnek; Petr - Šimáková; Miroslava - Marková; I. - Malínská; H. - Hüttl; M. - Kazdová; L. - Kazantsev; D. - Mancini; M. - Novotný; J. - Pravenec; Michal . CD36 regulates substrates utilisation in brown adipose tissue of spontaneously hypertensive rats: In vitro study . PLoS ONE. 2023; 18(4)); e0283276 . IF = 3.7 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Šilhavý; Jan - Mlejnek; Petr - Šimáková; Miroslava - Malínská; H. - Marková; I. - Hüttl; M. - Miklánková; D. - Kazdová; L. - Vrbacký; Marek - Pecinová; Alena - Mráček; Tomáš - Pravenec; Michal . Hypolipidemic Effects of Beetroot Juice in SHR-CRP and HHTg Rat Models of Metabolic Syndrome: Analysis of Hepatic Proteome . Metabolites. 2023; 13(2)); 192 . IF = 4.1 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Kurtz; T. W. - Morris Jr.; R. C. - Pravenec; Michal - Lujan; H. L. - DiCarlo; S. E. Hypertension in Primary Aldosteronism Is Initiated by Salt-Induced Increases in Vascular Resistance With Reductions in Cardiac Output . Hypertension. 2023; 80(5); 1077-1091 . IF = 8.3 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Hüttl; M. - Marková; I. - Miklánková; D. - Zapletalová; I. - Kujal; P. - Šilhavý; Jan - Pravenec; Michal - Malínská; H. Hypolipidemic and insulin sensitizing effects of salsalate beyond suppressing inflammation in a prediabetic rat model . Frontiers in Pharmacology. 2023; 14(3 Apr)); 1117683 . IF = 5.6 [ASEP] [ doi ]


Ing. Michal Pravenec, DrSc.

Head of the Laboratory

Ing. Jan Šilhavý, PhD.
Deputy Head of the Laboratory

Ing. Miroslava Šimáková, PhD.

Senior Researcher

Ing. Petr Mlejnek, PhD.
Senior Researcher

doc. MUDr. František Liška, PhD.

Senior Researcher

Alena Musilová