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Obesity - a serious contemporary problem (17.6. 2024)

More than 60 per cent of Czechs are overweight, and also a quarter of children are overweight. Obesity is a disease significantly influenced by genes and partly by lifestyle. It also triggers many other diseases. How to treat it? And why do obese people have a much harder time losing weight than others? Petr Zouhar from the Laboratory of Adipose Tissue Biology at the Institute of Physiology of the CAS answers these questions.


Replacement vessels from the umbilical cord (6.6. 2024)

Thanks to tissue engineering, we can now replace blood vessels, cartilage, joints, heart valves and many other parts of the body that fail in the human body. The Laboratory of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering at the Institute of Physiology deals with this issue and is headed by Lucie Bačáková. What does she think about the rapid progress in the field of tissue engineering, the invention of replacement organs applicable to humans, and why it makes sense to continue research that could become a reality in the distant future? Find out more about this interesting topic in a large interview with Lucie Bačáková for the magazine Zázraky medicíny


Science Fair attracted nearly 60 thousand science fans (3.6. 2024)

The Science Fair that took place last week in Letňany was visited by an incredible 58 000 VISITORS! At the stand of the Institute of Physiology, visitors could learn how epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease or diabetes is caused. They could learn more about the human body, try to solve a scientific crossword puzzle, build a model of the heart or brain or look at the yeast under a microscope. The atmosphere at the fair was perfect and we are already looking forward to the next year!



170 000 views of the interview with Lucie Bačáková. Topic? Implants! (7.5. 2024)

Almost 170,000 people were interested in the topic of implants, which Lucie Bačáková from the Institute of Physiology introduces in an interview. Implants do not serve to save humanity, but only as a last step when treatment and prevention have failed in a patient. According to her, people should avoid reaching for implants only for beautification. They are a foreign thing to the body. And it puts biochemical and mechanical stress on the implant. Over time, micro and nanoparticles will be released from the implant. All implants run the risk of adverse events and the need for reoperation. Interview

How to train memory? (6.5. 2024)

In moments of desperation, when we can't remember our credit card PIN for the life of us, it seems impossible. In reality, however, the capacity of our brains is enormous. It is estimated that the average brain has the capacity to store a staggering 2.5 million gigabytes of digital memory. But there's a catch. We don't just use it to store information. What's more, memories are recorded differently in the brain than information in a computer, which remains as it was written. How can we remember better? And what are effective training techniques? Answers to these and many other questions can be found in a great interview with Aleš Stuchlík in Téma magazine. Interview

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