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Biological Controls

Biological Controls

Department of Biological Controls (OBK) provide services in accordance with the principles of good laboratory practice (GLP):

  • toxicological studies – acute, subacute, subchronical and in the area of medicinal products for both human and veterinary use, biological products, medical devices and food supplements. Specifically in vivo studies with all types of administration of the test item on laboratory animals (mouse, rat, guinea pig, rabbit)
  • farmacokinetic studies– biological part (mouse, rat)

Our GLP certified laboratory holding also offers high-quality non-GLP studies and products:

  • toxicological studies in broader scope than above mentioned registered GLP studies according to sponsor’s specification
  • further biological tests according to sponsor’s specification
  • immunization of animals and hyperimmune sera preparation
  • blood products, rabbit complement, guinea-pig complement

The department is the GLP certified laboratory holding the following:

OBK, Institute of Physiology CAS holds Accreditation of user facility for usage of laboratory animals.

Quality assurance system:

Certificate of good laboratory practice (GLP)

Accreditation Certificate for users issued by Central Committee for Animal Protection of the Czech Republic OBK


  RNDr. Světlana Žufanová
Head of the Department
  RNDr. Lenka Řezáčová, Ph.D.
Research Assistant
  Ing. Renata Půtová
Research Assistant
  Lucie Heppnerová
Technical Assistant
  Jaroslav Kalivoda
Research Assistant

Soňa Miklošová

Research Assistant

  Ing. Josef Prchal
Head of GLP Quality Assurance
  MVDr. Richard Pospíšil, DrSc.
External Consultant
  RNDr. Jiří Marhan, CSc.
External Consultant