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Core Facilities

Core Facilities


Mikroskopická core facilita

Proteomická servisní laboratoř


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Microscopy facility

  Equipment Year Dept Location Use for Manager/Operator

FemtoJet® 4i (programmable microinjector) + InjectMan® 4 (micromanipulator)

2023 80 DA1 001

microinjection of adherent cells

Markéta Hlaváčková
                  Bruker Ultima IntraVital 2018 60 DAI upright multiphoton microscope for in vivo and in vitro imaging

Daniel Hadraba/

David Vondrášek 

Leica SP8 AOBS WLL MP confocal 2015 60 DAI 10 Inverted laser scanning and multiphoton microscope

Daniel Hadraba/

David Vondrášek 

Leica SPE confocal 2007 60 DAI 9 Upright laser scanning and fluorescence microscope

Daniel Hadraba/

David Vondrášek 

Optical projection tomography 2011 60 DAI 2 3D imaging of transparent samples Barbora Radochová
CellVizio Optic fibre confocal microscopy 2015 33 D 050 Optic fibre confocal microscope capable of fluorescence imaging from surface to deep tissues in whole animal. See more.

Jakub Otáhal/

David Kala

  Neuroimage - stereology microscope 2010 33 D 048 Neuroimage (MBF Bioscience Hana Kubová 
  Leica LMD 6000 Laser capture microdissector 2008 21 D 239 Allows to identify and dissect microareas from tissue or cell smear. Martin Vodička 
Carv II system 2013 32 D 048 Spinning disc confocal microscope

Daniel Hadraba 

David Vondrášek

Metabolomic facility

Equipment Year Dept Location Use for Manager
Qtrap 5500 mass spectrometer 2012 17 E 218 metabolomics, lipidomics Ondřej Kuda Ivana Brabcová, 

Whole body phenotyping

  Equipment Year Dept Location Use for Manager

Behavioral analysis

  PhenoWorld - automatic modular system 2015 32 G Modular system for complex behavioral analyses Štěpán Kubík 
  Multi conditioning system 2011 32 D 037 System accommodating nine standard conditioning paradigms for the evaluation of learning, memory, emotion and stress-related behaviors in mice and rats. Štěpán Kubík 
  Phenotyper - system for behavioral analysis 2013 33 D 011 PhenoTyper (Noldus) for 8 rats. System is designed for automatated behavioral analysis in instrumented observation cage.   Hana Kubová 

Hematology Analyzer scil Vet abc Plus+

2016 41 E 017

Analytical Instrument to determine haematological parameters from whole blood

Světlana. Žufanová


microCT/PET Albira 2013 96 E 013 In vivo imaging of small laboratory animals Roman Liška


  GE-VIVID 7 echocardiography 2010 80 D302b Non-invasive assessment of heart geometry and function Papoušek František 

Blood pressure

  Telemetric monitoring of blood pressure 2013 25 D Long term telemetric monitoring of blood pressure and sympathetic activity Ivana Vaněčková 


  Indirect calorimetry INCA Somedic 2012 17 G 008 Indirect calorimetry for mice and rats Kristína Bardová 

Mitochondrial energetics

Equipment Year Dept Location Use for Manager
Oroboros Oxygraph 2k 2013 13+17 DAII 108 Three setups for measurement of cellular/mitochondrial respiration. One with fluorescent attachment for ROS/ATP monitoring Petr Pecina 
Seahorse Xfe-24 alanyzer 2014 13 DAII 228 Plate based system for measurement of respiration and glycolytic activity of cells Tomáš Mráček 

Cell and molecular biology facility

Equipment Year Dept Location Use for Manager
Xvivo System X3 - hypoxia cell culture system 2017 80 D3 335 incubation and handling of cells under hypoxic conditions Markéta Hlaváčková
Nanodrop spectrophotometer 2007 21 D 224 Measurement of nucleic acid concentration and purity and fluorescent dye labeled proteins. Petr Ergang 
Light Cycler 480 real-time PCR 2009 17 D 224 Real-time PCR system  
ViiA 7 real-time PCR 2012 21 D 224 Real-time PCR system with HRM possibility Petr Ergang 

Labchip GX Touch           
Nanodrop One c           
  QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System 2020 33 D 237/238 System provides absolute quantification of target DNA or RNA molecules for EvaGreen or probe-based digital PCR applications Šárka Růžičková 
Osmometer OSMOMAT 3000 Basic 2020 24 D 215 osmolarity measurement (buffers, media) Martin Sládek

Orbital Shaker/Incubator 1997 24 D 2xx (corridor) bacteria growth (up to 3L flasks) Martin Sládek






Use for


Microbeta  2019 14 D 121 scintillation counting in a plate format Jan Jakubík
Reader Tecan infinity M200 2007 13 DAII 112 Luminescence, Fluorescence (top reading), UV-absorbance (UV-VIS) plate-reader with injectors  Tomáš Mráček 
Reader Victor X4 2011 14 D 121 Luminescence, Fluorescence Intensity (both top and bottom reading), UV-absorbance (UV-VIS) and Time-Resolved Fluorescence technologies Jan Jakubík
Reader Synergy HT 2008 75 G C.1.09 single-channel absorbance, fluorescence (400/30, 460/40, 485/20, 508/20, 516/20, 528/20, 560/15, 590/20) and luminiscence microplate reader.

Jan Tauber


Photometers and Fluorometers

Equipment Year Dept Location Use for Manager

ISS PC1 spectrofluorimeter

2006 13 D 125 photon counting steady-state fluorescence  Marek Vrbacký

Ultracentrifuges and rotors



Dept. Location Use for


Beckman Optima XL-100K 2001 33 D 024 floor model, max speed 100,000 rpm, rotors: 35 (retired), 45 Ti, 50.3 Ti, 70 Ti, 70.1 Ti, 90 Ti, NVT 90, SW 28, SW 41 Ti Lenka Roubalová
Beckman Optima L-90 1996 13 DaII 114 floor model, max speed 90,000 rpm, rotors: same as for Optima XL-100K Marek Vrbacky
Beckman Optima MAX 130K 2007 33 D 224 benchtop model, max speed 130,000 rpm (1,019,000g with MLA-130 rotor), rotors: MLA-80, MLA-130, TLA-100, TLA-110, MLN-80 Lenka Roubalová

Further info on Ultracentrifuges, Rotors, and Tubes

  Watson Marlow 530U IP31 drive     DAII ground floor peristaltic pump  Elena Fillová
Shimadzu UV-1700 2004 96 E 008 spectrophotometer Karla Bohuhová